We all wish for the ideals. – Ripped, Jonaxx Here’s the last report for the last experiment of Physics 103.1 for this semester. Our group’s data were quite disastrous to interpret but since this is our assigned topic for the last oral presentation, I have to make this better than my other blog reports. Heat is […]

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Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law

  Gases, like humans, behave differently at different conditions and situations. This experiment, for me, is like a Psychology experiment wherein the behavior of gases will be observed at different conditions, particularly, the behavior of dilute gases at low pressures and high temperatures. Ideal Gas Laws The ideal gas laws were used to describe the […]

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Temperature Measurement

Life gives us chances and choices, it will be up to us which to choose; whether the more efficient but harmful, or the less efficient but harmless. Here’s to the first experiment for the second part of our Physics 103.1 course, Thermodynamics. As cliché as it is, temperature is the measurement of the hotness and […]

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“What happens to the waves after the interference?” The duality of the nature of light, a particle and a wave, makes it interesting.. and complicated.  Light, being a wave,exhibits interference, the adding up (constructive) or cancelling out (destructive) of waves as they superpose each other, depending on the properties of the waves. Image Source: Constructive […]

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Reflection and Refraction

Here’s to my very first blog post.. ever. “Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?” When a light wave strikes a smooth surface separating two different materials, the wave is reflected and refracted. The common denominator? Both is a change in the direction […]

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